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Negative Wall - Hybrid Serpentis Kp22


Image of Negative Wall - Hybrid Serpentis Kp22

Hybrid Serpentis Kp22 is an EP, available as CD only, by metal scientists Negative Wall containing the full song "Hybrid Genus Serpentis" and the single version on "Imperii Exsules" (Exiled Imperials) that only appears on this 15 minute EP and on the Black Doomba Records compilation known as 'Doombanomicon'. Both are sci-fi based songs, Hyper is about the bizarre alien rape of an astronaut who is then imprisoned and abandoned on space, only to escape to find that there are no other living beings left in the universe and universe and Imperri Exsules is based on an episode from 60's TV's Outer Limits about The Misfit Zantis, except in the song is from the perception of those who exiled the Zanti's rather than the humans. More can be heard of Negative Wall on the album entitled 'Gammagelu'.