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Bludy Gyres - Bludy Gyres (CD)


Image of Bludy Gyres - Bludy Gyres (CD)

The 2014 self-titled single - prequel to 2017's "Echoes of a Distant Scream"

2 songs running about 22 minutes.

"Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia the doom metal quartet made up of guitarist Isidore Herman, drummer Dennis Reid, and ex-Hallows Eve members bassist and frontman Tommy Stewart, and guitarist Chris Abbamonte founded their band as Bludy Gyres in 2014. Bludy Gyres takes a classic approach to doom metal. Like early British doom metal bands such as Black Sabbath the music is bass heavy however the band threw the power trio book out of the window and incorporates elements of early British Prog such one might hear in the music of King Crimson. " - Taste Nation